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Each member of the Eagles is automatically enrolled into the Eagles Memorial Foundation, offering medical and post secondary education benefits to children of members who have died at work or in the line of duty.

Over the years, the Morris Aerie has helped numerous groups and organizations with their projects in the Morris area. Many people who have been touched by the generosity of Morris Aerie #620 have been asking us how they can help show their appreciation during the aerie's centennial celebration. There are many ways one can help show their support of the Morris Eagles during our events and beyond.

The Morris Aerie #620 is hosting many events - many free to the public - the Morris Eagles is interested if your organization would like to lend a hand to help out!

Monetary donations
Our members have been donating monetary donations to help offset the costs that the Eagles will incur over the centennial weekend. It doesn't matter if you wish to donate $10 to $50 - your generosity is greatly appreciated and will be recognized! To donate, simply send your donation to the Morris Eagles to the attention of: Centennial Fund. You can also email webmaster@foe620.org.


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